EIQ-2 + DISC Assessment

By combining our DISC and Emotional Intelligence assessments, you benefit from one of the most powerful assessment tools up to date. The latter combines an analysis of your behavioural style (via DISC) with an analysis of how you manage your emotions (via EIQ-2).

Based on the work of Dr. William Moulton Marston, DISC is the most widely used behaviour profiling tool in the corporate world. This tool is based on decades of research and is subject to continuous validation. It is used to assess how individuals adapt to situations and interact with others. Beyond behavioural profiling, the DISC approach demonstrates how to identify people’s preferential behaviours and how best to interact with them in order to improve communication and efficiency.

The EIQ-2 evaluation helps you to:

  • Understand how you take your emotions into account and understand them
  • Identify your ability to control your emotions, but also how to control them
  • Understand the emotions of others and determine how to respond constructively to them
  • Identify ways to generate a climate of trust around you, allowing you to influence and inspire those with whom you work
  • Know how to manage conflict situations

The EIQ-2, coupled with the DISC analysis, allows us to better understand the link between our emotions and our behaviours, especially in stressful situations.

The combined DISC & EIQ-2 analysis will thus make it possible to identify more precisely:

How a person can use or step back from their emotions, so that they can consciously choose what action to take.

The ability of the same person to discern and understand the emotions of others in order to strengthen their leadership.

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