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Many of the world's top coaches and Fortune 500s rely on our assessments to ensure positive outcomes in the areas of employee selection, leadership development, sales & customer service training, team-building, communication & collaboration training, conflict resolution and succession planning.

Our single Assessments

Assessments work by introducing scientific measurements to someone’s critical thinking skills, motivations, potential skill proficiencies, work styles, behavioral characteristics and personal values.

Each of our five Core Assessments measures a different — but equally important — aspect of human behavior or cognition. In essence, each addresses one the five “core” aspects of the human personality. There are no right or wrong answers, but different “styles” that define an individual’s characteristics in each of these five categories.


Measures behavioural styles


Measures motivational styles

Hartman Value Profile

Measures thinking styles


Measures emotional intelligence styles

Learning Styles

Measures learning styles

Our Combined Reports pair two of our Core Assessments together back-to-back

Our current Combined Reports include:

  • DISC & Motivators: measures behavioural and motivational styles
  • DISC & Emotional Intelligence: measures behavioural and emotional intelligence styles
  • DISC & Learning Styles: measures behavioural and learning styles

Our combined Assessments

Discover the impact of 2 assessments!

DISC & Motivators

Measures behavioural and motivational styles

Emotional Intelligence & DISC

Measures behavioural and emotional intelligence styles

Speciality reports


Our catalog includes a number of extraordinarily unique and highly specialised assessment instruments that are difficult to find anywhere else. Sometimes these instruments are so unlike any of our others, they demand unique recognition. Our Specialty Reports include:

  • Sales IQ Plus: a sales skills test developed by three of the world’s top sales minds.
  • DISC Collaboration: a DISC-based report that compares side-by-side the behavioral characteristics and tendencies of the team.
  • Our DISC 360º: What if you had an enhanced 360° view of yourself? In other words, imagine having the ability to process the collective perceptions of how others see you. Our 360º Behavioral Profiles enable users to compare and contrast their own self assessment with the observer assessments of dozens (even hundreds) of his/her colleagues or employees.

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