DISC + Motivators Certification program

Who is this certification training for ?

  • You wish to obtain the certified trainer credential
  • Professionals who wish to administer online DISC & Motivators assessments
  • Want to facilitate DiSC® and motivator trainings with more confidence and professionalism
  • Business coaches, facilitators or consultants, HR professionals who want a mastery level understanding of DISC
  • Professionals who wish to distinguish themselves by their expertise and training in DISC & Motivators from other business coaches and consultants
  • Those who want to know how to debrief a client’s DISC report with confidence and accuracy ?
  • Facilitators and trainers who want to use DISC & Motivators in their workshops and team building sessions
  • This certification is obligatory to allow you to use the Assessments 24X7 behavioural analysis tools as part of your professional practices

Why should you take this certification training ?

  • You want to understand to the deepest level of the DISC Model, the colours and the behaviours. You want to go the extra mile within the DISC model
  • You want to know how to use the DISC model in the most challenging situations. Like conflicts, non-performing teams, toxic cultures and change management
  • To learn exactly what to do when your coachee -or the team you are coaching- destabilises you as coach, trainer or facilitator
  • Refresh your knowledge and understanding of the different DISC colours
  • Looking for an extra dimension to understand behaviourial patterns of teams, managers and individuals
  • Build your expert status ensure you keep your ICF credits
  • Just as the DISC style predict “how” someone will behave, the Motivators assessment explains “why”.

What is DISC & Motivators ?

What is it that causes you to move into action ? What are the drivers of your behaviour ? What activities, careers, and conversations inspire a “passion” within you, causing you to want to become involved ?

The DISC© assessment measures four dimensions of behaviour, which are each associated with a behavioural style :

  • How you respond to problems or challenges : Dominance
  • How you influence others to your point of view : Influence
  • How you respond to the pace of you environment : Steadiness
  • How you respond to rules and procedures : Compliance

The Motivators Assessment measures and evaluates the seven motivational dimensions that are present in each of us.

Where DISC analysis describes how an individual behaves, Motivators enables to measure and understand how and why someone acts which is crucial to understand

With our DISC© & Motivators assessments in the workplace, you are making a big difference :

  • Communication issues are easily addressed when observable behaviours, both the strengths and weaknesses, are clearly analysed on paper in a universal language
  • The success of an individual or a team can be held back by the very strengths that they overuse and the weaknesses that are hidden from their own view
  • The bottom line is that the tools themselves actually communicate for you. Our DISC© reports facilitate your discussion and pro-active solutions between all staff levels, teams and managers
  • Individual performance, but also teamwork and management are more effective

The 24×7 DISC & Motivators Assessments tool is the ideal diagnostic tool for consultants, HR professionals, coaches and trainers engaged in the professional coaching of individuals or teams.

Get the certification program now !

Areas where DISC and Driving Forces analysis adds value:


  • Leadership and managerial performance 
  • Commercial performance 
  • Communication and personal development

Recruitment and internal mobility

  • Evaluation and decision support in the choice of key actors.
  • Identification of expected behaviours, motivations and skills
  • Job profile

Professional development and individual or collective support

  • Elaborate an individual and/or collective development plan
  • Support a transformation and change project
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Career assessment

Talent Management

  • Identification and development of potential, talents
  • Engagement, recognition and retention
  • Improvement of training plans

Employment and skills

  • Definition of needs in terms of skills, behaviour and motivation levers for key positions
  • Mapping of forces and areas of vigilance in organisations

Why call on us to become a certified DISC & Motivators practitioner ?

We provide you with a wide-ranging solution for your business:

Fully custom branded profiles, validated assessments, certification training, coaching materials, workshop materials, …! We give you the ability to personally brand and customise your reports. Only YOUR logo and contact information appear on the reports

You are ready to go to market and make the difference.

Our assessment certifications are the only programs of their kind to be internationally accredited by ICF, SHRM, HRCI and ATD

This Certification/Training process empowers trainers and consultants to:

Learn the behavioural and Values models

Understand the “me-me” and “you-me” conflicts associated with both behaviour and drivers

Learn debriefing techniques that separate you from other consultants

Understand the subtle nuances missed by many DISC readers

Learn the value of conflicts and how they relate to human behaviour

Learn how to read between the lines of behaviour & values

Understand the 8 emotional frameworks associated with behaviour

Learn how to “cross-read” behaviours and values

Extend your ICF accreditation!

Extend your ICF accreditation! 24×7 Disc & Motivators Assessments certification is a certification course recognised by the ICF, the world’s largest coaching association. It is eligible for the Continuing Coaching Education (CCE) program and allows you to earn continuing education credits to renew your ICF accreditation.

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