You are a coach, consultant or trainer and would like to obtain a certification recognised by Internationally accredited by ICF, SHRM, HRCI and ATD.

Coaches, facilitators, consultants. Discover our certifications !
Certification of the training recognised by the ICF!

Our assesment tools and profiles help you to ...

  • Become a certified expert in DISC & Motivators testing and / or Emotional Intelligence
  • Understand the connection between personality and behaviour
  • Serve as a certified expert in the field of behavioural understanding
  • Provide coaching, counseling, and guidance to clients using these tools
  • Re-sell custom branded DISC & Motivators behavioural tools and reports
  • Re-sell custom branded Emotional Intelligence behavioural tools and reports

And they also help you to ...

  • Adopt a fun and collaborative approach using our L&D tools!
  • Foster constructive and creative group interactions
  • Facilitate better teamwork and minimise team conflict
  • Facilitate more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members
  • Develop stronger sales skills by identifying and responding to customer styles
  • Offer innovating workshops (Leadership development, Conflict resolution, new employee orientation, employee development and Performance Plans, Teambuilding, …
  • For coaches enhance coaching techniques and mentoring
  • Innovate your behavioural analysis practices

Our assesment tools and profiles help your clients

  • For better onboarding : Many businesses use personality profiles for recruitment to assess how candidates will fit into the team. Our profiles help to determine how your candidate will interact with the existing team. You can also determine the best approach to orientation and training.
  • Teambuilding tools : Understand how different styles interact with one another. Use the profile results to build teams who work well together. Employees who have complementary profiles on projects can enhance production and results.
  • Improve the performance of coworkers producing productivity gains of more than 25%.
  • Personal development : Our profiles are a powerful coaching tool. It helps individuals understand themselves, learn strategies to improve interaction with others and achieve higher workplace satisfaction and results. The profile offers insights into the most constructive behaviours as well as behaviours that may create issues.
  • Motivational tools : Understand what motivates your staff. Professional interests are the manifestation of personal values applied to the world of work. Values directly affect emotions and are an individual’s main motivation. In this sense, they guide choices and determine the decisions made. Our profiles help you to better understand their motivations.

To help you select the right assessment tool or training please contact our Coach expert Willem