Certification Program

Through its analyses, the 24×7 Assessments behavioural assessment tools aim to boost individual and collective performance and the effectiveness of each individual in the company. The objective of this training is to certify participants on the theoretical and practical basis of the 24×7 Assessments tools. Each participant will complete their DISC profile before the training. Preparation of the session: everyone completes their questionnaire.

Objectives of the training

  • Master the theoretical foundations related to the DISC and Driving Forces tool (the approaches of W. Marston and E. Spranger)
  • Identify the issues that can be addressed in the company using DISC StylesTM, the DISC and 24x7 Assessments Driver tool
  • Know how to define the individual and/or collective support plan after a seminar 
  • Analyse and respond to recruitment, coaching, or training facilitation needs related to the development of individual and/or collective performance
  • Declassify the theoretical and practical content in terms of individual and collective performance in the training modules and through appropriate pedagogical exercises

Content of the certification

Day 1

Identify the stakes of the DISC and Forces Motrices Assessment Tools tool in the professional environment and its use in the context of a management coaching or training action, a sales coaching action, individual or team coaching (codir, comex, operational team), or recruitment

Master the main theoretical foundations related to DISC and Driving Forces: DISC Profile TM (DISC model) and driving forces, for use with one or more people in the company

  • The colours of leadership: red, yellow, green, blue 
  • The 4 behavioural profiles according to Marston: Dominance, Influence, Stability, Compliance
  • Psychological types: "introversion/extraversion", "thought/emotion"
  • Natural and adapted style: gap analysis
  • The DISC and Forces Motrices Assessments 24x7 charts: How to use them in profile restitution

To appropriate the DISC model through the understanding of its profile

  • Identify your communication style and recognize the one of your interlocutor
  • Identify strategies for personal success
  • Know how to adapt your behaviour to resolve misunderstandings and conflicts
  • Know how to receive and give feedback according to your profile and that of your counterpart

Day 2

Analyse profiles in different professional contexts

  • Define the individual and/or collective support plan after a training session for a person/team/company
  • Analyse and respond to the recruitment and training needs of a company in terms of individual and collective performance
  • Declassify the theoretical and practical content acquired in terms of individual and collective performance into training modules with appropriate pedagogical exercises
  • Provide participants with examples adapted to the course and individual and collective debriefing
  • Use the 24x7 Assessments tools in their pedagogical engineering or consulting

The Motivtors / Driving Forces

  • Appropriate the 7 driving forces (Eduard Spranger's contribution to the DISC model) 
  • Identify your own motivation system
  • Knowing how to enrich the restitution of a DISC profile with the driving forces

Exercise: Reading and interpreting an individual and team profile

Presentation and use of the 24X7 Assessments platform

  • Create a profile
  • Edit an individual profile
  • Edit a team profile

certification will only be effective after this restitution exercise consisting in debriefing

The certification ends with a 1h30 coaching session to evaluate the general understanding of the method and the use of the model. The 3 profiles with the trainer assessments 24×7. 

At the end of the certification, the participant will receive a certificate of aptitude e, as well as all the facilitator kit necessary for facilitation of a training or an individual or collective coaching action

Certification procedures

  • A telephone interview between the 24X7 Assessment Consultant and the participant
  • Basic module for certification: 2 days in class, i.e. 14 hours of training. Timetable: 9H/18H
  • Individual coaching of 1,5 hours on the interpretation of 3 test profiles
  • Certification following the debriefing of a DISC + Driving Forces profile

For whom ?

Consultants, Facilitators, trainers, Coaches, HR Professionnals