DISC + Motivators Certification

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Master the art of the DISC...

Are you a business coach, facilitator or consultant who wants a mastery level understanding of DISC? Would you like the expertise and training in DISC to separate yourself from other business coaches and consultants? Is it important to you that you know how to debrief a client’s DISC report with confidence and accuracy? Would you prefer to receive this training from a globally recognised professional whose name and reputation carry industry cache?

...and evaluate emotional dimensions

Perfect addition to a DISC assessment, the Motivators Assessment measures and evaluates the seven motivational dimensions that are present in each of us. Where DISC analysis describes how an individual behaves, Motivators enables to measure and understand how and why someone acts which is crucial to understand:

  • The reasons why a candidate can succeed in a particular job
  • Increasing self-awareness means individuals are better at recognising opportunities that correlate with their inherent motivations, thereby increasing their likelihood for success
  • Sources of potential conflicts or misunderstandings between individuals
  • This can enable a leader to consciously pursue effective leadership

This Certification/Training process empowers trainers and consultants to:

Learn the Behavioral and Values models

Understand the “me-me” and “you-me” conflicts associated with both behaviour and drivers

Learn debriefing techniques that separate you from other consultants

Understand the subtle nuances missed by many DISC readers

Learn the value of conflicts and how they relate to human behaviour

Learn how to read between the lines of behaviour & values

Understand the 8 emotional frameworks associated with behaviour

Learn how to “cross-read” behaviours and values

Use of the DISC and Motivators

What does each enrollee receive?

  • An authoritative, media DISC Certification program, that incorporates hands-on training, private academic study and one-on-one coaching (via phone or Skype) with our DISC certification trainer.
  • Our Coach Mentor program provides you with ongoing, situational support — even after you've completed your certification training. Receive your own personal DISC report debrief from one of our trainers.
  • You are added to our online International Directory of Certified Practitioners PDF Certificate of Completion signed by Dr. Tony Alessandra (upon course completion) JPEG Badge of Certification for your website, email signature and misc digital marketing (upon course completion)
  • Access to the DISC Certified Trainer Materials Folder. This ever-expanding folder of multi-media trainer’s materials contains additional tools for workshops, seminars and 1-on-1 coaching.

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